The Kite Runner is a movie released in 2007 that was based on the novel of the same title. The novel is the first of its kind written by Khaled Hosseini, an Afghan-American author. This novel was published in 2003 by Riverhead Books.

The story revolves around the life of Amir and his childhood friend Hassan. The setting was at the time when Afghanistan’s monarchy fell – so it was a pretty tumultuous event. This was when the Taliban rose in power and a lot of refugees made their way to Pakistan.

The story started with a friendship between the two kids, betrayal, falling out, and eventually, redemption. In the story, Amir witnessed an act of violence against Hassan and he failed to help and prevent it. The rest of the book is his attempt to atone for his shortcomings – eventually doing it in the person of Hassan’s son.

With the book being as popular as it was – getting the number 1 spot on the New York Times bestseller for two years, it is no wonder that producers would pick it up and turn it into a movie. The book gained a lot of reviews – most of them were positive. However, it did raise controversies in Afghanistan.

The Kite Runner the movie

The Kite Runner movie was directed by Marc Forster. The screenplay was written by David Benioff. While the story was set in Afghanistan, most of the filming was done in China – specifically in Kashgar. Obviously, it was dangerous to film the movie in Afghanistan so they had to search for another location to film in.

The film cast child actors who spoke the native language of Dari – which was the language that was used in the story. Some parts were spoken in English and Urdu but most were in Dari. Some of the adult actors had to learn how to speak the language – unlike the child actors who already knew how to speak it fluently.

The film finished on December 21, 2006, but was only released on December 14, 2007. The film had a budget of $20 million and earned $73.2 million around the world. This makes it a box office hit. Not only that, the film generally got rave reviews from film critics and moviegoers.

The Kite Runner reviews

The reception of the movie included a 65% “fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes – which is not really bad coming from 165 reviews. The Kite Runner also got 61 out of 100 score on Metacritic. For, the film got a rating of 77%. Overall, this was not a bad review. Chicago Sun-Times’ Roger Ebert even named this film as the 5th best movie in 2007.

Given all of these reviews, it is not surprising that the film was nominated for the 2007 Golden Globes – specifically in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The film’s score, which was by Alberto Iglesias was also nominated for both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for Best Original Score.

All of these prove that The Kite Runner is one of the best movies to have been filmed. If you are looking for a great foreign film to watch, this deserves your whole attention.